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Management & Office Staff




Ernest Jessop is the founder of Native Sun.  He grew up working with his brothers in his father's company and quickly took on leadership roles in the field.  As he labored, ideas of how to operate a business grew into a desire to develop a company that allows its employees to work up through the business into management involvement. He finds fulfillment growing a company in the heavy construction industry that he was raised in. 

“I enjoy working with the young people and seeing them take a vested interest in the workforce of our great company.” 




Ephraim Jessop has been a vital part of Native Sun for nine years.  After earning his apprenticeship through Native Sun, he became foreman over the gravel pit operations at age 18.  As Native Sun took on more construction jobs, he transitioned quickly to a Project Superintendent as well as began taking courses and on-hands training in project management.  In 2018 he became Project Manager, then Chief Financial Manager in 2019.  His exceptional organizational skills and business savvy have greatly improved the office management.

“I enjoy seeing the business grow and prosper and realizing that my hard work and persistence pays off. "  



Samuel Jeffs brings extensive knowledge in computer-aided design and drafting as well as expertise in IT.  He joined the Native Sun team in 2018 after eight years of experience as a CAD drafter for the construction industry.  He also learned the skill of estimating and quickly climbed to lead estimator.

“I enjoy keeping our company up with the technologies that make a difference in the core workings of this wonderful business.”



Raymond Jessop recently moved from the field to full-time Project Manager for Native Sun where his twenty plus years of experience as Project Superintendent provides a wealth of insight and expertise.

  Having also grown up in the industry, Raymond worked as an apprentice in his father’s concrete and asphalt business while finishing high school.  He quickly worked up through the trades of form setter, concrete finisher, equipment operator, and foreman.  After graduating from high school, he moved naturally into the roll of Project Superintendent.

“The camaraderie and teamwork I feel with everyone as we are working to accomplish each goal to make our business a success is motivating.” 



David Jessop joined the Native Sun team in 2013 as an apprentice and worked up through the trades.  He became a project foreman in 2016 and a project superintendent in 2018.  He specializes in operating total station equipment, as well as crew management and layout.  In 2020 he transferred from field to office to become a project manager and estimator.

I enjoy working hard with a good crew and seeing the fruits of our labors."



Natalie Pierce has contributed her skills to Native Sun for nine years.  After two years of college, Natalie worked as a social worker for twelve years.   She then transitioned into HR and safety for a pipeline company.  Before joining Native Sun’s office team, she worked three years for a construction company, performing many of the same tasks she now performs for Native Sun.  Amidst her many duties, she has also taken on the role of “Mother” for the company “family.”

“I love the interaction with people that my job requires.”           

Field Leaders

Senior Project 


Joseph N. Jessop

brought his expertise as a project superintendent to Native Sun eight years ago. He too has been involved in the construction industry all his life.  During his teens he developed the skills in all the trades, became a project foreman, then a project superintendent.  With almost twenty years of experience, he readily can see the organization and scheduling needed to accomplish a project.

"I enjoy working through challenges and winning in the end."


Project Superintendent

Johnson Jessop

has been part of Native Sun since 2011.  He became a project superintendent in 2013. John has a natural sense of how to better expedite schedules and blueprints on the field and contributes useful solutions.

"It's rewarding to see the finished projects of what we do."




Joseph Barlow

joined Native Sun in 2015, became a project foreman in 2016, and became a project superintendent in 2018. He specializes in operating the power trowels for finish concrete and takes lead roles in our structural concrete projects.

"The camaraderie is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job."

 Project Superintendent

Abraham Jessop

joined Native Sun in 2018 as a project foreman and became a project superintendent in 2019.  He specializes in site work and structural and flatwork concrete.

"It's rewarding to be with my coworkers and look over a good-looking slab we just finished."

"It is enjoyable to learn how to do high-quality work better and more productively."

Project Superintendent

Abram James 


joined Native Sun in 2018 as a superintendent for earthwork and concrete work. He specializes in underground utilities and earthwork, bringing superior workmanship to this scope of a project.

"I like to look back over the challenges we overcame."

Project Superintendent

Jeremiah Jessop

joined Native Sun in 2018. Eager to learned the trades, he progressed quickly to project superintendent in 2020.  He enjoys improving skill and productivity with each job opportunity.

"I enjoy putting my heart into the job and achieving high-quality work."

Field TEAM



"At the end of the day it's all about attitude.  I am a hard worker and I like the crews I work with."

Brandon Jessop

"I enjoy being around good tutors.  I motivate my coworkers while pushing over any obstacles in the path of progress."

Mormon Jessop

"I really enjoy the people I work with and the work we do especially dirt work and utilities."

David Jeffs

Wallace Jessop



Matthew Jeffs

Victor Barlow

" I like the variety of skills required to become useful and efficient in this company."

"Little Joe" Jessop

"I enjoy accomplishing things with my hands."

Wallace Jessop

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